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Steven D. Barnette

Our legal system can be confusing, confounding, and downright scary, even more so if you are not a practicing attorney. Deadlines, pre-trial, notices, and various filings of shape and size may or may not be a part of your case. What I can offer you is an opinion composed of years of experience both inside, and outside of the legal system.

Michael D. Thomas

I was born and raised in Southwest Virginia where I graduated from high school at the top of the class, well 2nd anyway, and was the second person in my family to attend college.  I was fortunate enough to attend The College of William & Mary.  Those years in The College were so filled with history and inspiration from our founding fathers that I was motivated to pursue law as a career.

Matthew G. Finley

Matthew G. Finley has dedicated his career to representing children and adults initially as a prosecutor at the Portsmouth Commonwealth Attorney’s Office and then at the Hampton Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, where he prosecuted homicides, sexual assaults, domestic violence, and other crimes against persons. After leaving prosecution, Matthew began working on the civil side of the law, assisting personal injury clients and family law clients. Matthew also practices criminal defense given his experience.

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