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When you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, there’s nothing that you deserve more than to be compensated for every single cent that you’ve lost. At the Law Office of Steven D. Barnette, P.C., our Virginia personal injury lawyers are passionate about advocating for our clients and helping them to recover the compensation they deserve after a serious injury. Don’t wait any longer to get the help you need – call us directly today for your free consultation.

Our Personal Injury Practice Areas

With years of experience representing clients who have been harmed in a variety of accident types, we feel confident in our ability to take on your case, no matter how complex. Our personal injury practice areas include:

  • Wrongful death. There is nothing more tragic than losing a loved one in an accident that never should have happened. If your family member, such as a spouse or child, has been killed in an accident that was preventable, such as medical malpractice, a car accident, etc., our lawyers will fight for your family’s right to wrongful death damages and justice.
  • Car accidents. Car accidents are the leading cause of injury and death nationwide, and our state is no exception. While driving is so common of an activity that it may not feel risky, dangerous drivers can cause serious accidents. Let us help you to navigate the claims process.
  • Truck accidents. Perhaps even more serious than car accidents are truck accidents. Truck accidents can be devastating, as the force involved in these crashes is more significant based on the size of the trucks. What’s more, truck accident claims can be complicated and proving liability may be very difficult.
  • Mold cases. Have you been exposed to mold and have suffered adverse health effects as a result? If so, you may have a claim for damages against the responsible party. Call us to learn more about mold cases and your legal rights.
  • More. In addition to the above, we also work on all other personal injury case types, including motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, slip and fall cases, premises liability cases, medical malpractice claims, boating accidents, negligent security claims, and more.

The Elements of a Personal Injury Case

When you call our law firm, our lawyers will work around the clock to develop a case that is strong in the face of pushback from an insurance adjuster. We work hard to gather the evidence that’s necessary to establish the four elements of a personal injury claim, including:

  • Duty. The first thing that you’ll need to establish in your personal injury case is that the person against whom you’re filing a claim owed you a duty of care. If you can’t prove this, then you won’t have any standing.
  • Breach of duty. The second thing you’ll need to prove is breach of duty – which essentially means that the person violated the duty owed to you. Typically, breach of duty occurs through an act of negligence – the failure to act with the reasonable degree of care. When driving, for example, a driver acts negligently when they drive while distracted.
  • Causation. Next, you’ll need to prove that the defendant’s negligence was the proximate cause of your injuries; that your accident wouldn’t have happened but for the defendant’s breach of duty.
  • Damages. Finally, you must offer proof of the value of the damages you have suffered, including medical expenses, lost wages, etc.

Damages Recoverable

In a personal injury claim, you maintain the right to seek damages for the full value of the losses you have suffered, including both economic and noneconomic damages. Examples of common damages recoverable in a personal injury claim include:

  • Medical expenses;
  • Lost wages;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Property damages expenses; and
  • Any other economic or noneconomic losses suffered.

The Statute of Limitations

You must be cognizant of the personal injury statute of limitations. The statute of limitations is two years from the date that the accident happens, as found in the Code of Virginia Section 8.01-243.

How Our Law Firm Can Help

We know how devastating a serious injury can be. Whether you are an injury victim or the family member of someone who has been severely injured due to another’s person’s error, you deserve to be compensated. Our lawyers will build your claim, gather evidence, calculate your damages, prove fault, negotiate your settlement, and litigate your case if need be. For your free, no-obligation consultation, please call our Virginia personal injury lawyers today or send us a confidential message online telling us more about your case and how we can help.

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