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As a business attorney with a narrow focus on helping business owners grow their businesses, I refer approximately 2/3 of the cases that come to my office for other attorneys to handle. Steve Barnette is reliable, effective, reasonable and personable. I have referred several clients to him for his services and never heard a bad result. Over the last ten years, Steve Barnette has steadily earned more referral business; and, as well as things are going, will continue to earn more. Looking over other attorney reviews, prospective clients should understand that sometimes the facts do not support the outcomes we want in each individual case. Notwithstanding, Steve Barnette is one of the most skilled attorneys in Coastal Virginia (a.k.a. Hampton Roads). Not only does he understand the law and have superior trial skills; he also communicates well with opposing counsel, the Commonwealth’s Attorney and Judges – which is essential for the best client results. I have trusted Steve Barnette before, I trust him now and I will continue using his office for the outstanding results he consistently delivers.

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